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How much does it cost to use the machines?
The price can be decided with the airport. Current recommendations are 50p per bag in the UK and €1 in Europe.

How much do the machines earn?
Takings depend on passenger type and throughput as well as machine location. We use a rule of thumb of 1 bag weigh for every 25 departing passengers.

How much do the scales cost?
Nothing – Baggage Check machines are provided free of charge

How much do the machines cost to maintain?
Nothing – Baggage Check carries out all maintenance free of charge

Are the scales accurate?
Yes, we use the services of Avery Weigh-Tronix to calibrate the scales routinely to UK trading standards

What happens if there is a fault?
In the unlikely event of a fault, passengers contact Baggage Check Customer Support via a freephone number displayed on the machine

Who updates the airline allowance information?
Baggage Check monitors airline allowances and updates the information regularly, our airport service partners alert us to changes as they occur

How much floor space does the machine occupy?
Less than 1m2

What connections are required?
One single 240v (UK) or 220v (Europe) electricity mains supply. Remote monitoring is performed using encrypted communication over the public wireless 3G network.

Where should we locate the machines?
A free survey is conducted by Baggage Check’s experienced staff.


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