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Product Overview

The Baggage Check machine provides free information on airline allowances tailored to the airport terminal and displays the weight of the passenger’s baggage on a pay per weigh basis.

Passenger Experience

  • Lighting and livery communicate function in crowded airports
  • Intuitive touch screen attracts passengers, is simple and fast to use
  • Airline allowances tailored to terminal reduce clutter and simplify selection
  • Languages, selected and ordered for terminal, ease passenger operation
  • Low vending charges enable passengers to weigh multiple bags, providing the opportunity to adjust weights and prepare for any excess baggage fees prior to check-in

Airport Experience

  • Reduces check-in delays and confrontations by informing passengers prior to check-in
  • Raises new revenues through an airport share of the coin collections
  • Enhances airport environment through visual appearance and reduced passenger stress
  • Easy to locate with small footprint and only electricity supply required
  • Low maintenance – remotely monitored with proactive service support

Each Baggage Check unit is a robust metal chassis housing the electronics and load cell. Passengers can gain free access to airline baggage allowance information using an intuitive touchscreen set of prompts.

Passengers choosing to weigh their bag(s) insert coins to the relevant payment method and place each individual bag on the load cell platform. The weight of the bag is prominently displayed on the touch screen.

Baggage Check screenshot   Baggage Check screenshot
Passengers interact with the weigh scales using touch screen
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Product OverviewProduct SpecificationProduct Support
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